The conditions in Kashmir have been constantly deteriorating over the past few months and the hostility between the army and the common people has grown intense.

Amidst all these tensions, another shocker of a news made its way when the Indian army killed an unarmed 19-year-old student, Shahid Bashir Mir who they mistook for a rebel, as reported by the police.

The incident took place in Daril Tartpora on Tuesday which led to widespread agitations and protests in Handwara, in the northern part of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Residents of the village took the matter into their own hands as they clashed with the local police demanding a criminal investigation against the soldiers accused of killing Mir.

Protesters carried Mir’s body in a coffin but refused to bury the victim until an investigation was launched.

It was earlier claimed by Indian soldiers that they killed a “militant” during a gunfight in a village forest, which has always been their response during every such scene.

The local people identified the young man as a student of the Degree College Handwara who they said had gone missing for two days.

Mir’s family members informed that he was missing from Monday when the army convoy picked him up.

All the colleges and schools in northern Kashmir have been closed down as Government fears violent protests that are bound to take place after the recent developments in the state.

It’s better to join militancy

Protester Nazir Ahmad words echoed frustration and anger as he said, “We can’t let the youth be killed like this, it’s better to join militancy and die fighting than being killed like this. What was his crime, how long this bloodshed will continue?”

Human rights activist Khurram Parvez was particularly harsh on the army and claimed that there was a financial reward for killing fighters.

“The army does such acts for monetary benefit. They want to kill the civilians and pass them [off] as militants because they get huge monetary rewards for killing a militant in Kashmir,” – he said.

With the local people ready to join militancy and the army killing the innocent people, the conditions in Kashmir is set to worsen. There has been no word from the Central Government on the issue and it remains to be seen how would Modiji bring the balance between the two sections in Kashmir.


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