The polling process for the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat has finally ended as all 176 legislators have casted their votes, confirmed the State election officer as well as ANI.

And the news coming out from the sources of the big media houses is of much surprise.

While it is clear that the Congress has been hit hard by cross voting in this election also, as confirmed by Congress leader Ashok Gehlot, various media stewards are saying that Mr. Ahmed Patel will scrape through with the help of NCP and JD(U) votes.

What are the calculations?

Keeping aside the votes required by Amit Shah and Smriti Irani to win their respective RS seats, BJP doesn’t have enough votes left in the LS to make sure that Rajput wins his seat. As one member needs 45 votes to ensure his victory. As far as Congress is concerned, it had 57 votes but 6 of its MLAs rebelled so now its total tally stand at 51. A few more rebels are expected to vote against Patel.

Earlier Congress moved 44 of its MLAs to a resort in order to prevent them from switching sides. If news inputs are to be believed then 1 out of those 44 MLAs has rebelled and voted for the BJP candidate. But if NCP and JD(U) live up to their promises and vote for Patel then he can win the seat. Also Ashok Gehlot has claimed that Ahmed Patel will secure 47 votes which is above the threshold of 45.

Well, all we can do now is to just wait for the results which are expected to be released at around 6 pm. The Illogical Indian team will keep you updated with this news.


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