Meet Suraj Randiv, a former Sri Lankan spinner. Many of you might know this incident, but for those who don’t, let me tell you.

August 16th, 2010 : India vs Sri Lanka ODI.
Sri Lanka were bowled out for 170 runs, batting first. India were 166/4 after 33 overs, with Virendra Sehwag still at the crease on 99.
Randiv was supposed to ball the next over and Sehwag was on strike.

The first ball went for 4 byes. Drama all around. Now India needed 1 run, with Sehwag still on 99 and on strike.

The next two balls were dots. And here’s what Suraj Randiv did on the next ball.

Yes, he deliberately bowled a no-ball ! Although Sehwag hit that ball for a six, but according to the rules, no run can be added to the team total after they’ve won the match, and India had already won the match due to the no-ball.So, Sehwag was denied a well-deserved century. This is one of the most shameful acts that I’ve ever witnessed in cricket.


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