Soon after her TV interviews went viral, Honeypreet Insan, Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s “adopted” daughter was arrested by Haryana Police at 3 PM today.

Panchkula Police Commissioner has confirmed the arrest of Honeypreet and informed that she will be produced in front of the court tomorrow. One more woman has been arrested with Honeypreet.

Honeypreet, a woman in her mid-30s and often referred to as “papa’s favorite angel” was ‘wanted’ in the riot cases that took place in Panchkula soon after the verdict was passed by the court against the rapist Ram Rahim Singh.

Honeypreet Insan had been hiding and escaping from the police soon after her self-proclaimed foster father Gurmeet Ram Rahim was convicted in two rape cases on August 25. He is currently serving 20 years in Rohtak jail.

Soon after her interview was aired on television, the Haryana police formed a team to arrest Honeypreet and other top Dera aides.

She had already made a mockery of the police system prevailing in Haryana as she had earlier managed to escape the police drag net six times before finally being caught today morning.

She was among the top 43 people police had been searching for since over a month and her arrest would offer some respite to the Haryana police and the Government as some eyebrows were raised over their failure.

During her interview with India Today, Honeypreet mentioned that she was depressed with all the allegations labeled against her and her father.

I went into depression on learning about such allegations. Everything finished when papa was sent to jail. I was feeling very helpless, did not know where to go. I don’t know much about the judicial procedure. I didn’t run away. I just needed time to get back to my senses. So much had happened in such less time,” she said.

With the level of allegations labeled against her, a harsh stance is expected from the court and it won’t come as a surprise if she meets the same fate as her father, Ram Rahim Singh.


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