Shiv Sena is the latest addition to the group of political parties as they criticized the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government for the death of nearly 60 children at a Gorakhpur hospital, terming the incident “mass murder”.

Shiv Sena in its editorial ‘Saamna’ termed the Gorakhpur tragedy ‘an insult to the nation’s Independence Day.’

Slamming their ally, BJP, the Shiv Sena blamed the Government at the Centre, claiming that ‘ache din’ hasn’t come for the poor.’

One of the Uttar Pradesh ministers said that children always die in the month of August. Commenting on this insensitive and irresponsible comment, Shiv Sena questioned, “Why do the only the children of the poor die in August? Why not the children of the rich?”

“If this minister was from the Congress or from the Samajwadi Party, political leaders would have thrown him to the gallows by now,” the Shiv Sena said.

“The sufferings of the poor don’t move our politicians. And that is the failure of our Independence. This suffering and pain are the Mann Ki Baat of the poor,” the editorial said, taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his monthly radio address.”- the editorial read.

“Thankfully, the government has at least admitted that there are so many deaths in Gorakhpur. Otherwise, they would have said that these children have only stopped breathing and will start breathing again once they hear the independence speech delivered from Red Fort,” – was another dig at the Government as the state’s Health Minister has earlier said the deaths were not oxygen-related.

While the political parties have started demanding the resignation of the UP Chief Minister and have got into the game of dirty politicsUnity is what the situation demands. It’s not the time to extract the unfair advantage but rather to stand tall and united with the families who have lost their most precious possession.


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