The conditions in Assam has worsened over the past few days as floods claimed three more lives, taking the total deaths count to 102

However, the statistics reveal only half of the reality as the floods have affected nearly 32 lakh people in 25 districts, apart from disrupting every possible form of rail connectivity to the Northeast.

A deeper look into the stats reveals a more saddening story. A total of 3,192 villages are under water and 1.79 lakh hectares of crop area have been damaged.

According to the reports, Dhubri is the worst affected district where 7.79 lakh people have been hit by the deluge, followed by Morigaon (3.83 lakh people).

Authorities are running 556 relief camps and distribution centers in 21 districts, where 2,06,467 people are taking shelter at present.

At least 2,000 persons have been evacuated to safer places by the Army, the SDRF, and the NDRF personnel in many districts.

However, even this cannot deter the people of Assam to celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day as students and teachers braved surging waters and rowed boats to hoist the Tricolour in western Assam’s Dhubri district.


The worsening condition in Bihar

The conditions in Bihar too has been pathetic, to say the least. Heavy rains in the past few days have triggered floods costing 41 lives in the state.

Nearly twenty lakh people have been affected by the floods in Bihar, including thousands who have been forced to evacuate from their homes.

Crops worth crores were damaged and road link to several places has been disrupted.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sought the help of the Army and the Indian Air Force’s to rescue the affected people and provide all the possible aid.

The Illogical Indian Team would encourage everyone to stand united in this hour of misery and lend support to the people affected by this calamity.


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