“True freedom requires the rule of law and justice and a judicial system in which the rights of some are not secured by the denial of rights to others.

In the time when wealth has become a synonym of power and Justice has become a long forgotten word, the above quote seems an unachievable task.

Amidst the diminishing hope, every once in a while, there comes a judgment that restores our faith in the Judicial system.

With the historic ruling on instant Triple Talaq, convicting the self-proclaimed God Ram Rahim Singh and declaring Right to Privacy as a fundamental right, Indian Judiciary lives up to its reputation of taking some bold decisions.

Here’s a look at some of the other iconic rulings by the Indian Judiciary system.

  1. Ban on the ‘Lal Batti Culture’

In what came as a historic move, the ban doesn’t allow even the country’s top dignitaries such as the President, Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India to use the coveted ‘Lal Batti’.

The tweet of Nitin Gadkari sums it up, “Usage of red beacon tied us back to colonial legacy. With lal batti removal PM Narendra Modi’s vision of new India took a step forward.”

  1. SC recognized the Third Gender

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court created the “third gender” status for transgenders. Earlier, they were forced to write male or female against their gender.

Welcoming the decision of Supreme Court, Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi, transgender rights activist said, “The progress of the country is dependent upon human rights of the people and we are very happy with the judgment as the Supreme Court has given us those rights.”

  1. Scrapped Ban on Women entering temples

The Supreme Court in a verdict said that it was the fundamental right of women to enter any place of worship that is accessible to men.

“What right does temple have to forbid women from entering any part of the temple? Please argue on the bedrock of the Constitution. Every argument has to meet the test of constitutionality,” observed the bench led by Dipak Misra.

With 3 landmark judgments making its way in the last week, the common man has once again started to place his trust in the Judiciary and every one wishes it to be a beginning of many more such judgments to come.


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