Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Voting for second and final phase of the much anticipated Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections was carried out today. Second phase included important constituencies like Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Palanpur, Mehsana. On the other hand Voting was completed in Himachal Pradesh about one and a half months back. Let us take a look at the Exit poll of the leading media houses


Many had eye on the day not only due to second phase of the voting but also for Exit Polls. The wait for the prediction is now finally over. As soon as the voting for the second phase was over, leading media houses started pitching their own set of predictions. While Exit polls need not always be accurate but it gives a rough hint for most of the times. Speculations of results for Gujarat as well as Himachal Pradesh elections are out today.


For the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections the image has started clearing a bit as most of the exit polls suggest a result similar to last elections. BJP can win the elections for the 6th time on the trot. According to the polls Congress may be performing better (60-70) but the foresaid performance is very far from the magical number (92).

·         Total Seats – 183         BJP Congress Others
·         Results  2012        115        61     6
·         Times Now – VMR Exit Poll        109        70     3
·         Republic – C Voter Exit Poll        108        74     0
·         NewsX-CNX Exit Poll     110-120     65-75    2-4
·         India Today Exit Poll       99-113     68-82      –


In the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections Congress seems to be losing their throne. Most of the exit polls are predicting a clear and easy majority for BJP in Himachal Pradesh too. Throne of the hilly state has been a game of musical chairs as people of this state are still in the search of a stable government.


·         Total Seats -68         BJP  Congress Others
·         Results  2012         26        36      6
·         Zee News- Axis         51        17      –
·         India Today       47-55     13-20    0-2
·         News Nation       43-47     19-23    1-3
·         Times Now         51        16      1
·         Today’s Chanakya       48-62      6-20    0-3


It has been already mentioned that exit polls can be wrong at times but going by the polls as they all reflect a similar outcome that is another easy win for BJP. Let’s wait for 18th December which is the result day which will eventually bring the final results.






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