The Vice Presidential elections are supposed to take place today and the voting, counting, and results will be done by today evening.

Much to BJP chief, Amit Shah’s dismay, just a day before the Vice Presidential elections, 16 lawmakers of the ruling NDA failed to cast their votes in a dummy poll organized yesterday to make sure that their ballots do not go waste.

Amit Shah and senior leaders like Bhupendra Yadav were really upset over these invalid votes cast by NDA MP’s. Yadav told the member that there is no rocket science in it as he demonstrated the correct way of casting a vote.

Bharatiya Janata Party had held a workshop before the dummy exercise to go over the entire voting process, but the MP’s still failed to cast their votes in the correct manner.

Before the practice session, Venkaiah Naidu addressed the lawmakers and sought their votes. The session was followed by a dinner, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present. Unlike the presidential election in which the Electoral College also includes MLAs, only MPs of the two Houses can vote in the vice-presidential poll.

Naidu is all set to win the elections as the Electoral college has 790 members and parties with 484 members have already pledged their support to Naidu, who is also expected to be backed by several nominated members. The opposition has fielded Gopal Krishna Gandhi against Naidu.

The BJD and the JD(U) which had supported NDA nominee Ramnath Kovind for the post of president, have decided to back opposition nominee Gandhi. Amit Shah has asked the NDA MP’s to correctly follow the procedure of voting. A  disappointed Shah asked that how can the 16 MP’s get such a simple process wrong.

‘Illogical Indian’ has earlier reported about the same.


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