Look at this:
What do you think Virat Kohli is looking at?

What does our one of the leading news publication see:

The tweet reads: “Not the best shot: Virat Kohli glancing at Vijaya Archana’s ripped jeans is unlikely to please Anushka Sharma”.

It can be clearly seen that Virat Kohli was looking at the piece of paper in Archana Vijaya’s hand. And worst, they dragged Anushka Sharma too into this so called news. It saddens me that how often our media twist facts to make a BREAKING NEWS. And when you are a celebrity, every eye movement is a candidate news.

Thankfully, it didn’t go well with Twitteratis and they slammed DNA (sarcastically) for their third level journalism and made them withdraw their tweet. 😀

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Haha.. That’s why I love Social Media. Hail Social Media !! 😀 😀
P.S. I pity if you too felt Virat is looking at something else.


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