Dahi Handi, a traditional event is celebrated with extreme fervor in Maharashtra as part of Krishna Janmashtami festival every year with great pomp and show which marks the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna. To celebrate Dahi Handi, some of the tallest human pyramids are made in Mumbai. Dahi Handi festival is celebrated to mark Lord Krishna’s childhood notoriety. With nearly 1,000 mandals and Govinda brigades, Mumbai is one of the biggest centers for Dahi Handi celebrations

A 21-year-old ‘govinda’ died after suffering epileptic attack during the Dahi Handi celebrations on Tuesday in Palghar, while in Airoli, a 34-year-old died of electrocution while forming a human pyramid as part of the festival. Another ‘govinda’ suffered the heart attack after the celebrations and died in Pune.

In the past few years, Government of Maharashtra has strengthened laws and it’s applications following the festivals dark records. The Bombay High Court had in 2014 restricted the height of the human pyramid to 20 feet and had also stated that youngsters below the age of 18 would not be allowed to participate in the game citing safety hazards.

Supreme Court had on August 17, 2016, refused to relax conditions put by the High Court like barring youths below 18 years of age from participating in ‘Dahi-Handi’ festival in Maharashtra and capping the height of the human pyramid at 20 feet.

The Maharashtra government had drawn sharp criticism in 2015 for passing a resolution that notified ‘dahi handi’ as an adventure sport.


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