PM Narendra Modi waves to the crowd on Sabarmati river front in Ahmedabad

As the campaigning of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election is approaching an end, the political parties are leaving no stone unturned to impress the voters and putting every possible effort to do so. However on the last day of the campaigning (12/12/2017), statements started coming from part of the nation as soon as PM Narendra Modi boarded a seaplane from Sabarmati river front to Dharoi Dam in Mehsana.

The related controversy is because it defied the important norms related to safety and security concerning VVIP travel. The seaplane which PM boarded was a single engine unit whereas according safety norms multi engine unit should be used as they are a far safer alternative.

The specialty of Multi Engine Plane is that an engine failure in such type of plane does not call for a crash landing. The plane boarded by prime minister could fly only up to 10000 feet and so it lacks a pressurized cabin which is not at all permissible for a VVIP travel and especially for a prime minister.

It did not make much time for Omar Abdullah, leader of Opposition in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly to tweet “Single engine plan. Foreign pilots, is there any security guideline that will not be thrown out today?”

The decision of boarding a sea plane was taken after he was denied a road show,  he decided to board a sea plane which was done for the first time in the history of nation.

“I will go to Ambaji in the sea-plane after landing in Dharoi dam and come back,” he said. Modi also said that the BJP had planned a road show for Tuesday in Ahmedabad.

“However, the administration has not given permission and I had time so I decided to go to Ambaji in the sea-plane,” PM  Modi had said.

Modi tweeted “We cannot have airports everywhere, so our government has planned to have these sea-planes”


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