Heavy smog near India Gate

The days are such in Delhi that if you ask anyone from there kya chal raha hai either they would not reply in rage or they might end up replying smog in a not so pleasing tone.

Honestly speaking this is not a condition to be laughed off rather it is something which is very menacing. In easier illustration it can be interpreted as an environmental emergency. Though we Indians are synonymous with the term“ Adjustment” but this time things have gone even out of the scope of our tolerance limit.

Even Amidst all the smog and problems, Our politicians don’t hesitate to run away from their own responsibilities blaming others but the real sufferers are always the common people. Looking at the current condition of Delhi, One might wonder what is the government doing?  It is quite understandable that the role of government becomes very important. To understand that it is important to understand the root cause of the problem.

Sumit Sharma who works at the Earth Science and Climate change division of the Delhi energy based research institute has been studying Air pollution in Delhi. His report can be summed up as “Pollution problem in Delhi is multi dimensional that is the internal pollution in Delhi is not only the sole reason behind it. The other major reason includes the burning of crop by farmers in large parts of Punjab and Haryana. Other reasons include dust from the construction sites.”

Delhi government itself does not have much in its hand to bring these undesirable circumstances to an ever ending situation. Utmost it can do is temporarily make the construction sites inactive which is already done. To check vehicular pollution they are emphasizing on the need of electric vehicles. Heavy traffic including trucks are diverted from outside the city to ensure reduction in pollution.

Therefore it is the time to put an end to any type of politics and this is no more an all Delhi concern. In fact without the interruption of Central Government and Cooperation from other state governments eradicating this problem is as easy as it is for Pakistan to beat India in a World cup cricket match(It would never happen).



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