Pollution near Taj Mahal

Smog problem in Delhi has been in news for quite some time now. Interestingly Delhi is not the only part of the country to be suffering from this catastrophic situation. Uttar Pradesh is the latest entrant to list of those states suffering from the problem severely. As the time has passed by the area engulfed under affected region has only increased, leading to a hazardous increase in the level of harmful air pollutants.

In the past couple of days, pollution in many of the cities in Uttar Pradesh has increased considerably. The situation in some of the cities is even worse than the pollution condition in Delhi.

The cities with even worse scenarios include

  • Varanasi

The pollution in Prime Minister’s constituency has increased drastically over past couple of months and the air quality in the city is already declared as ‘Very Poor’ in the city. The air quality index in the city is rated at 318.

  • Agra

The city is one of the most polluted cities in Uttar Pradesh and the pollution in the city has eventually led to increasing the number of asthma cases in the city. The air quality in the city is marked at 394.

  • Lucknow

The Capital city of the Uttar Pradesh has been declared to have a ‘severe’ air quality index which is marked at 430. The burning of crops in the state of Punjab and Haryana is the main reason behind the problem in the city.

  • Moradabad

In November 2017, the pollution level in the city reached 500 and became the first city in the country to reach this mark. Brass industry in the town is the major reason behind the pollution.



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