Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodiya

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government presented the all-important budget for the fiscal year 2018-19. The third budget form the Aam Aadmi Party-led government was coined as the “green budget” as it contains a whopping 26 number of actionable points which addresses the solution to curb pollution.

Another major striking highlight has been the amount allocated for the education sector. Arvind Kejriwal led AAP Government has always been known for investing a major part in the education sector, this year was no different a case as the Government has allocated a jaw-dropping 26% of the total budget to the education sector.

Total allotment for the education sector has irrefutably been the difference between the Union budget and Delhi budget. While the Delhi government planned to allocate 26% of the total budget, the union government’s total allocation stood at 3.48% of total budget.

Delhi government has assigned 22.9%, 23.5%, and 26% of the total budget for 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 fiscal sessions respectively.

Some of the other major highlights from the Budget are

  • A total of Rs. 53000 Crore Budget was announced laying main focus on the sensitive issues like the environment, education, health and water. With a large number of 26 action points for addressing the pollution problem, the budget was called as the “Green Budget”
  • The first “Green Budget” for the Government
  • “We are going to thread 26 programmes and schemes of Transport, Power, Environment and PWD for devising a unified system of pollution control, bringing down levels of different pollutants,”  Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodiya said
  • In a first Delhi government has planned to introduce 1000 new electric buses which is a great move considering the rapid increase in the pollution in the capital city.
  • A provision to open 30 new schools and installation of as many as 1.2 Lakh CCTV Camera in Delhi schools
  • 1000 Crore for repairing and maintaining smaller roads owned by Municipal Corporation.
  • The Government has termed 2018 budget as the green budget as the government aims to plant a lakhs of trees in the capital city.
  • Speaking about the total budget the Deputy CM said that the yesteryear amount was increased by a considerable margin “The budget estimates for 2018-19 have pegged at Rs 53,000 crore which is 19.45 percent more than the revised budget estimates of Rs 44,370 crore for the previous financial year,” Sisodia said.
  • Delhi outcome budget report asserted that I lakh teachers were trained until December 2017 against 47,000 teachers last year.
  • The outcome budget report also said that a total of 8,603 students were admitted to Delhi University in 2017-18 against 7,392 admissions in 2016-17.
  • Sisodia said the AAP government has “worked extensively on Education, Health, Electricity, Water, Minimum Wages, Skill etc. The budget has increased 1.5 times in the last three years. Per capita of Delhi income increased by 9.41% in 2017-18.”

The Budget looks very good on paper as it addresses some of the major concerns of the common public. Emphasis and accurate on issues like education, corruption and pollution is the best thing about the budget. It remains to be seen how properly it is executed and what good it will bring to people of Delhi


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