In his fourth Independence Day speech at the Red Fort on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on varied issues, ranging from farmers’ issues, GST, demonetisation, terrorism, and triple talaq.

However, it seems that his speech hasn’t gone down well with the other political parties as it drew criticism from Congress and Shiv Sena.

Congress went a bit further terming the speech as ‘disappointing’.

His (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) fight against black money was a sham and remains a sham,” Congress leader Anand Sharma was seen targeting PM Modi.

Sharma said the Modi government has “promoted black money hoarding” and promoted “crony capitalism”.

Commenting on the prime minister’s Independence Day address, he said, “After three years, it was time for him to give an account of the failures of his government to deliver on the promises, especially the betrayal of the youth, the farmers, and the weaker sections.”

Shiv Sena, on the other hand, questioned the effectiveness of this Independence for the common man and said- ”There are various questions, like, what is the use of achieving independence, how far has this independence reached to the common man, have people been freed of poverty, illiteracy, economic and social evils.”

Have we been able to ward off internal and external threats? We have no answers to these questions even after 70 years of independence,” – they wrote in their editorial.

Even as we enter the 71st year of Independence, 70 children died “unnecessarily” in a hospital in Gorakhpur, Muslim extremists “refuse to sing ‘Vande Mataram’, it said and wondered: “Have we truly become Independent?” – read the editorial.

“While the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort and talks about various initiatives of the government, are we ready to safeguard the challenges staring at the Independence that we have received from the martyrdom of freedom fighters?” it said.

While Unity is what the present situation demands, the war of words hasn’t stopped even on the eve of Independence day and playing the blame game isn’t going to improve the situation.


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