Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh

 We have are in 71st  year of our independence, We are one of the fastest developing countries, We are home to young energized minds and so evidently startup culture is at its apex. We have completed our mission to mars in a budget less than a Hollywood movie. We are at the top of Google and Microsoft even an Indian is the CEO of PepsiCo as well. The world is running behind us but we are running behind superstitions.

Superstition as such is a subjective term and its meaning depends on the context, but then it is easily understandable and relatable if someone believes that doing some daily task in a different way can bring  luck to them but things like buying 19 high end SUVs all at once is something which is not easy to understand.  One recent case was that of Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh and that too is a strange one as he bought 19 units of high end SUV  Pajero.

 Nothing seems fishy till now but the interesting thing here is logic behind number 19 and registration numbers of all cars is same (0004). 19 stands for the number of years for Raman Singh as CM if he happens to win the election for the fourth time (which is significant as four is the registration number of the cars). According to the opposition this step was taken by him after some astrologer’s advice that it would bring good luck to him.

He said that the numbers are given by the RTO (This is as believable as shuffling a deck of cards and getting the shuffled deck as you thought) which cannot be a mere coincidence.

There is nothing wrong in having some belief but the problem is not accepting the truth also it can be argued that spending a large amount of common man’s money just to fulfill superstitious desire is something very lame, when there are a hell lot of other issues to be addressed and so money should be used in the wisest manner possible.


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