The Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, performed the solo version of Linkin Park hit Crawling as the band started their US tour, mentioning this is to everybody who misses someone you know”.

 On the first day of North American tour, Coldplay’s Chris Martin paid tribute to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide last month.

After fumbling a bit at the start, Chris restarted his solo performance at the New Jersey concert, saying – I know this is probably going to end up on YouTube so I want to do it right, and I want to do it respectfully. This is to everybody who misses someone you know. This is for the whole community of musicians.”The emotions were seen flowing soon after the performance and Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda took it to Instagram posting a video of the performance adding that it sounded beautiful”.

 It came like a bolt from the blue when the news of the suicide of the Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington started surfacing. The entire world grieved in shock as the beloved Linkin Park singer killed himself at his home on 20 July. He has struggled with depression throughout his life, which was quite evident from the lyrics in his songs which often referred to mental turmoil. From that day onwards, tributes from fans have started to make the rounds and the world stood united once again to mourn the death of one of its most beloved artist.

Coldplay is known to frequently pay tribute to other artists. At Glastonbury in 2016, they paid tribute to a young British band who died in a car accident by performing a cover of “Boys That Sing” by Viola Beach. Five years ago, they paid tribute to one of their rapper, Adam Yauch, by performing a piano ballad version of the Beastie Boys You Gotta Fight For Your Right. 



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