The heated stand-off between India and China has now attracted international commentators and political pundits to comment on the scenario.

China wants India to withdraw its troops from the disputed territory. India on the other hand has repeatedly hoped for a mutually-acceptable solution through diplomatic talks.

The row began when Indian troops objected to Chinese constructing a motorable road in the Doklam region, an area that India considers Bhutanese territory. The region, that’s close to Sikkim in the northeast, is considered to be strategically significant for India.

You Dongxiao, an associate professor with the International College of Defense at the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army, has written a column in Xinhua explaining why he thinks the Chinese are not likely to back down from the stand-off. He states three reasons for the same.

First, he believes Doklam falls under Chinese territory and acceding to the demands of India will portray negative image of China. He cites the 1890 Convention between Great Britain and China.

Second, he argues that India has illegitimately entered into China’s region and hasn’t given any legal basis for the same.

Third, he says it would be ridiculous to assume China to compromise its territorial sovereignty.


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