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Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections do matter a lot to future politics of the country. Results are not yet declared but during the campaigning people felt that this time Congress will give a better fight to BJP who has been ruling in the state for over 22 years now. Both the Public and political parties have a close eye at the result. Interestingly not only Indians await the results eagerly, even India’s neighbor China has a close eye at the result of the Gujarat elections.

Chinese state media said “India’s economic reforms are an issue of deep concern to China that’s because of China’s increasing economic interaction with India.”

The article in the state-run Global Times says that “Modi’s reforms have drawn fierce opposition from other parties and some economists, but those most qualified to evaluate the ‘Gujarat model’ are the people of Gujarat. Whatever the election result is, it will have a great impact on the public opinion environment for the implementation of the rest of Modi’s reform agenda,” said the article.

A loss or reduction in vote share for BJP in Gujarat elections would mean that economic changes made by Modi government has done harm to the image of government.

China’s Global Times Article said that “The outlook for India’s economic reforms is deeply related to a good number of Chinese companies doing business in India such as Xiaomi and OPPO. If the BJP wins an overwhelming victory in Gujarat, the Modi administration may take more radical approaches to economic reform. China’s companies will feel the changes no later than India’s”

According to the exit polls BJP will easily win the polls again but as the concerned sample space in exit polls are very small, We should all wait for the final results which will be declared on 18th December (Monday).



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