Charan Singh Sapra

It seems that congress leaders have not been able to control their controversial statements in this all important elections season, the latest entrant to the list being Congress spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra.

He said “Will PM go to Jama Masjid and apologise”on Godhra riots.He furher said that even Sonia Gandhi went to Golden temple and apologized for the 1984 Sikh riots. This is example of another of those statements which will benefit BJP ahead of second phase of voting on 14th December.

This statement is disappointing because politics over riots on such an important time (Gujarat elections) is not at all sensible and also the way it was projected by Sapra made it sound even more embarrassing.  This statement of Charan Singh Sapra came after disputed statements from senior Congress leaders like Kapil Sibbal and Manishankar aiyar.

Charan Singh Sapra contested for MULUND seat in 2014 Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha but lost to Sardar Tara Singh of BJP. He is currently a spokesperson in Congress party.

Meanwhile BJP will be happy as any loss of reputation of congress will do well to BJP. The decision of these statements is making life even more difficult for congress. The cut throat competition between BJP and Congress means that even a small mistake can prove costly while nothing can be done about past, congress would try to ensure that there is no further slip up from any of the congress leader.  


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