The Chandigarh stalking case of a senior IAS officer’s daughter by the son of Haryana BJP President Subhash Barla doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

While the news has hit the national headlines, the Chandigarh Police has no idea about the whereabouts of the accused.

The Chandigarh Police, which has been accused of being biased towards Vikas Barala, claimed on Monday that it had reconstructed the crime scene of the incident. But if it has not found the accused then how come it has created the crime scene?

This certainly smells like a foul play in order to save the BJP’s state President’s child. The police was earlier thinking of imposing the charges of kidnapping but later dropped the idea saying that ‘the accused had no intention of kidnapping the girl’.

Chandigarh Police officials haven’t uttered a single word in response to the question asked above.

The police have also failed to call the accused and his partner-in-crime Ashish Kumar, both of whom are out on bail, for further investigation though the incident happened four days back.

“We have reconstructed the scene of the crime. We are trying to get the CCTV footage and getting its technical analysis done,” Chandigarh’s Senior Superintendent of Police Eish Singhal told the media on Monday evening.

Singhal refused to share details of the probe and instead blamed the media for conducting a ‘media trial’.

(Source: The Economic Times)


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