With Ram Rahim sentenced to 10 years in prison for a 15-year-old rape case, people are wondering who will inherit Ram Rahim’s wealth worth hundreds of crores of rupees.

After becoming the Dera chief in 1990, Ram Rahim named his son, Jasmeet as his successor. But a lot has changed since then.

In 2009, Ram Rahim adopted Honeypreet as his third daughter. Her original name was Priyanka Taneja and she belonged to Fatehabad district. According to her social media handles, she is “papa’s angel”, director, editor and an actress. She also directed MSG. Sources say at a meeting of volunteers, he announced that she could be a candidate for his seat. Even now, her word carries a lot of weight in the Dera.

Priyanka (Honeypreet) was given her present name after the Dera chief got her married to Vishwas Gupta, a Dera follower from Sirsa in  1999.

Tables turned when Vishwas Gupta and Ram Rahim had a fall out when in 2011 Vishwas filed a petition in the High court in which he had claimed that the Dera chief had an alleged sexual relationship with his wife Priyanka.

Vishwas Gupta told India TV in 2011 that “in May 2011, when he went to Baba’s cave in the diner, he saw his life changed. He said that the door to Baba’s room was accidentally open. When he winked inside, he saw that Baba was in an objectionable condition with his wife and his daughter-in-law, Honeypreet.

Vishwas said that it didn’t take him long to realize that Baba had been eyeing his wife since the beginning. He accused Ram Rahim of keeping him away from his wife, despite their marriage. When Gupta found out about their alleged relationship, Baba warned him of “dire consequences” if he ever chooses to speak the truth.

Thereafter, Gupta and his family left the Dera camp and settled in Panchkula, yet the Baba’s operatives continued to harass him. Priyanka aka Honeypreet Singh does not live with her husband anymore. She lives with her “papa”.

Gurdas Singh Toor, who was once a Sadhu at the Dera said that Honeypreet was not Ram Rahim’s daughter but had a different relationship with the Dera head.

Her such close proximity to the Dera chief and her active participation in various events indicates that she might be the next Dera head.






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