Gujarat Vidhan Sabha

D-day is here finally. The day we all were waiting for, has finally come. The results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections are finally out. The result though went in favour of BJP in both the states. It went down to the wire in Gujarat and the fight was closer then what most of the exit polls predicted.

The counting of votes saw a lot of twists and one interesting thing to happen was that there was no celebration from any of the contesting parties during the counting. This goes to tell that even Congress and BJP knew that the result will be a close affair.

The final results of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election

Gujarat Vidhan Sabha                 BJP               Congress                 Others
           182/182                 99    (-16)                  80 (+19)                    3 (-3)


The margin of victory was the smallest since 1990 which tells about the close fight between both the parties in the state. For the first time in the past 22 years, BJP sensed a loss of the throne in the state when Congress overtook BJP during counting for a brief 20 minutes or so. These 20 minutes perhaps came as a source of happiness to Congress workers after which they started celebrating and their leaders started claiming the victory but defeat was here to stay for the Congress.

After those 20 minutes, BJP started taking a lead in the counting trends, though Congress was following it closely it was just not able to take a lead after that, which eventually marked the Sixth straight victory for BJP in Gujarat. Congress has put the best performance in past couple of years and positive that it should take that it can become a proper opposition in the state.

There is not a large difference between either the constituencies won or the vote share of two parties, but in the end, BJP will have the last laugh as they will take the throne. Though BJP will also be aware of the fact that they once claimed that they will win 150 seats but they were reduced to almost 66% of their own claim which BJP should take as an alert. Congress can take a lot of positives considering this is their second best performance after Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections.



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