Showing its prodigy in the field of social media through Facebook and Twitter, BJP is all set to use WhatsApp in the upcoming 2018 Karnataka Assembly polls.

It launched a WhatsApp feeder channel (9483900150), to which BJP workers and sympathisers can subscribe for daily updates from the State unit. Social media activists were asked to use the content that will be provided to them through the channel to counter arguments of the Opposition on social media.

Balaji Srinivas, State convenor, BJP social media cell told a reputed Indian media house that they had over 1,400 WhatsApp groups that will increase by many folds in the run-up to the polls. This, apart from the extensive use of Facebook and Twitter, he said. “Each Assembly segment will be armed with a social media cell of 15 people,” he said.

BJP footprint for Karnataka polls


A similar strategy was adopted y BJP in the recent Uttar Pradesh polls, where over 30 lakh voters were part of the BJP WhatsApp feeder channels. Mr. Amit Malaviya who is in charge of BJP national Information & Technology said that he has set a target of 30 lakh for the Karnataka Assembly polls too. “We learnt from our experience that Twitter is good for agenda setting, and Facebook and WhatsApp for personal communication,” he said, adding that as per assessment, social media could be an influencer in 155 of the 224 Assembly segments at the BJP Social Media Conclave on Sunday, where over 3,000 social media activists of the BJP participate.

It was almost an all men force as only less than a handful of the 3,000 were women. Union Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who inaugurated the conclave, complained there were very few women among the ranks. “Women too have a way of getting across to people,” she said.


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