No one can predict Amit Shah. One moment he can be the nicest person and the other, the cunning wizard of politics. In an act of simplicity this time, BJP president Amit Shah snubbed a party cadre for calling Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu.’

Shah was in New Delhi stating that BJP is the only party where internal democracy is respected and that unlike Congress, no one knows who would replace him as the party chief at a function in Lucknow on Sunday. The function was organised by the “intellectual cell” of the ruling party.

“Everyone knows who is going to be the next Congress president after Sonia Gandhi… Isn’t it? Tell me, who?” Shah had asked. In response someone from the audience shouted, ‘pappu,’ an infamous sobriquet used to troll Congress vice president on social media.

“Yeh sab mat kahiye (No, don’t say this),” Shah promptly retorted.

Though the Uttar Pradesh BJP was quick to hail Shah’s political civility, Congress was not really amused. “They (BJP) cleverly create such controversies. The one who made the remark surely is a party worker. Why hasn’t he been sacked so far for making such a derogatory remark against our leader?” asked UP Congress leader Devendra Pratap Singh.

Earlier in June, Congress sacked its Meerut district unit chief Vinay Pradhan for using the term in ‘praise’ of Gandhi.


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