When they (Kashmiris) needed help, Indian armed forces did help them.

When they were in trouble, our Armed forces did this.




And this

And in return, they (Stone pelters) did this.

You all know what is happening in last image. But now our Army did try to save themselves from those Stone pelters by doing this.

So called Politician of Kashmir Omar Abdullah loses his control over this issue, and did tweet this.Where are those JNU, and other anti-national element who speak in the name of freedom?

I mean, what did they (Army personals) do wrong? Our Army doesn’t take drastic step unless its the need of hour. Were they supposed to let themselves killed or injured by those young stone pelters? If they are protecting our borders 24×7 by all means then it’s our duty to support and respect them.

On the other side, India is growing incredibly well.
And then these stone pelters!
Shame on you.
Peace out!

Image sources: Google


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