Another Patel leader Nikhil Sawani quit the BJP on Monday, hours after a Patidar leader from north Gujarat alleged that the ruling party had offered him Rs 1 crore for crossing over.

As the state gears up for the upcoming assembly elections, this resignation would pose some fresh concerns for the ruling BJP in the state.

“I am submitting my resignation on account of the unfulfilled promises that were made by the BJP for the betterment of the Patidar community. The reason why I had joined was the betterment of our community. None of the four proposals spoken about have been fulfilled. It seems like it was all election propaganda to muster support on their side,” Sawani spoke at a press conference citing the unfulfilled promises as the reason to quit BJP.

Sawani went on to applaud Narendra Patel who claimed that the ruling party tried bribing him and said, “I appreciate Narendra Patel for refusing the bribe offered to him by BJP’s Varun Patel. He comes from a middle-class family, yet he refused to accept the sum offered. While I was not offered any money while joining the party, I agree with Narendra Patel. Even I have heard a lot about money being offered to conveners and others.”

Even before BJP could conclude its celebrations over two of Hardik Patel’s key aides joining the fold, a number of Patidar leaders have already snapped ties with the BJP amid allegations of bribery.

To see something of this sort to transpire in the Narendra’s Modi Gujarat and that too against BJP has been shocking.

Add to it the fact that Sawani along with Hardik Patel is considering to join Congress and the present state of BJP becomes more worrying.

“Myself and Hardik Patel, if time permits, would seek Rahul Gandhi’s appointment to put forth our view. At the end of the day, we want the Patidars to be empowered. BJP promised a lot, but nothing materialized. My resignation has nothing to do with Congress,” Sawani was quoted saying.


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