Social activist Anna Hazare today penned down a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He slammed the government for its delay in appointing Lokpal even after three years in power. He also threatened another round of campaign in the national capital.

Hazare said that he would continue his campaign in Delhi till Lokayukta isn’t appointed and Swaminathan Report isn’t implemented, as reported by news agency ANI.

In 2011, he had headed the India against corruption movement. Anna Hazare had begun a hunger strike to establish a strong Jan Lokpal Bill to fight all-pervasive corruption.

Anna Hazare had set a deadline, 15 August, for the passing of the bill in the Parliament, failing which he would start a hunger strike from 16 August. The fast also led to the Government of India agreeing to set up a Joint Drafting Committee, which would complete its work by 30 June 2011.

Under enormous public pressure, Parliament passed the Lokpal Act in 2013. Perhaps the only act enacted post-independence due to “people power” remains only on paper and lacks proper implementation. However, there were amendments made to it in 2016 which removed the requirement for the public servants to reveal assets of their spouses and dependent children.

In his letter, he has mentioned that the protest will be mainly against the Narendra Modi-led NDA government as they have failed to appoint a Lokpal even after being in power for over three years.

He wrote, “I have written many letters to you regarding the appointment of Lokpal and Lokayukta but I have not received any reply from you nor have I seen any action from your side. Due to the increasing rate of corruption, people trusted your words, but even today no work gets done without paying money. Inflation has also not come down,” (ANI)

He further added that “For the past three years, I have reminded you to react on the issue of Lokpal and Lokayukta, but every time I have to experience dismay. There have been various editions of Mann Ki Baat not even in one, you discussed the issue of Lokpal and Lokayukta”

Hazare wants the NDA-led Central government to launch a Lokpal (ombudsman) at the center, a Lokayukta in every state. He also wants that a Citizen’s Charter on ending corruption should be appointed by the government. 

He said he will reveal the details of the campaign that will take place in Delhi in his next letter. In March this year too, Anna Hazare had written a letter to PM Modi and conveyed his decision to hold a Lokpal protest.  He also said that since the present government is showing no enthusiasm whatsoever, he is left with no choice.


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