Anna Hazare

Social Activist Anna Hazare is the latest entry to list of those who have attacked the central government. Anna is known for participation in IAC (India against corruption) movement. He led the movement from front and campaigned for passing a stronger Lokpal Bill in the Indian Parliament to fight corruption.

Anna targeted Modi Government and said that BJP has received around Rs 80,000 Crore as donation in past five months.

He said “I am not claiming this but it is being reported by Forbes Magazine after conducting a survey among the Asian countries,”

“I have been silent for the last three years. When a new government comes we must give them some time. So, I remained silent, but now the time has come to speak against them. I am going to start another movement for a strong Jan Lokpal as well as for the farmers of the country from March 23 next year,” said Hazare.

Anna Hazare said that he has already written as many as 32 letters to PM Narendra Modi regarding Jan Lokpal Bill but has not received any reply.

Hazare said “I am going to involve everyone in the movement for a strong Jan Lokpal and farmers’ issues. I am going everywhere to speak to the people. We are ready to go to jail. But if they put us in jails we must ensure that every jail in the country should be filled by people”

Anna Hazare said that Jan Lokpal introduced by UPA government was weak and Modi led NDA government has made it even weaker.

Anna right from his involvement in anticorruption movement has spoken openly about corruption of national parties like Congress and BJP. He has always stressed on the need of a powerful Lokpal to fight corruption. Every now and then government has discarded bill proposed by Anna and changes which it has made have made the bill significantly weaker, According to Anna.