Anant Kumar Hegde

Anant Kumar Hegde once again is in news owing to a new controversial statement by the Union Minister. The latest controversy related to the Union Minister is due to a controversial statement by him at an event in Koppal district of Karnataka. Anant Kumar Hegde is the Minister of State for Employment and Skill development.

The statement creating controversy is “Those claiming to be secular and progressive do not have an identity of their parents and their blood,”

“I will be happy if someone identifies as Muslim, Christian, Brahmin, Lingayat or Hindu. But trouble will arise if they say they are secular.” Hegde added

He continued saying and talked about the constitution “I respect the Constitution, but the Constitution has changed according to the times on many occasions in the past and it will change in the future. We are here to change the Constitution,” Hegde said, according to The News Minute

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah attacked the union minister after his statements and questioned RSS’s views on Ambedkar.  “I do not want to stoop to his level,” Siddaramaiah said, according to The New Indian Express “We know our language and culture. He is a Union minister, but spits venom.”

This is not the first time that the union minister is in the news for controversy.

A video went viral a few months ago which was a CCTV footage from TSS Hospital in Sirsi, which is around 400 KM from Bengaluru. The Minister was seen grabbing a doctor by throat and hitting him against a wall. In various images the beaten Doctor had scar marks.

Hegde in November 2017 gave birth to a new controversy by saying that if Karnataka Chief Minister could celebrate Tipu Jayanti , people would soon start celebrating “Ajmal Kasab Jayanti”

There is an upper limit which Politicians should never breach but our politicians seems to ignore that limit and so they frequently cross the limits.


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