Just hours after the Rajya Sabha elections, and after winning a seat, Amit Shah,  BJP chief resigned from Gujarat Vidhan Sabha as its member. He also said that in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections the opposition party would be reduced to half of its current strength in the House.

He tendered his resignation to speaker Ramanlal Vora, just a few months before elections are due to elect the next Assembly. Shah represented the Naranpura Assembly constituency, Ahmadabad.

He refrained from attacking the Congress when its MLAs walked out from the house earlier. He said, “It is not right to criticize the Opposition when it is not present here”, which was also his last address to the Gujarat assembly.

Before officially resigning he addressed the house for more than an hour, recollecting his 20-years in the Assembly from 1997 to 2017. He praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, under whom he built his political career, for a range of initiatives taken by the latter first as chief minister of Gujarat and then as Prime Minister.

“These elections (upcoming Assembly elections) are going to be fought on the issue of Narmada. It has to be fought on the issue of the welfare of OBCs and the poor. When the elections will be held, I know what results will come. This number (of the opposition Congress) will be reduced to half.” said Shah, pointing at the vacant benches of the Opposition in the House.

Shah had contested for the first time in 1990 in a by-election to the Sarkhej Assembly constituency in Ahmadabad, which he retained until 2007 in three successive elections.  

In the mean time, the rebel Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela and some of his supporters, who voted against Patel in the recent Rajya Sabha elections are expected to resign from the Vidhan Sabha anytime now.


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