The Bharatiya Janata Party national president, Amit Shah is currently on an 110-day nationwide tour with the aim of bolstering BJP’s hold in the 2019 elections and spreading its footprints to the regions they are not quite friendly with. It is an extremely important step at this point as BJP is going quite strong and if Shah succeeds it will only be more beneficial for the party. So far he has been to 17 states including Maharashtra, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir etc.

Shah’s priority is the comparison that BJP faces with Congress and family-run regional parties. He firmly advocates ‘internal democracy’ which he believes is present in the Bharatiya Janata Party, on the other hand, is absent in Congress which has its succession chart very clear, unlike BJP. According to him, these parties have become family run enterprises and so the deserving and talented people have been sidelined.

Stating how BJP brought out Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan from the ‘Bimaru state’ status, he asserts the importance of testing how party functions once in power. He has also mentioned the 106 schemes launched by the Centre since 2014 which will only be fully utilized if BJP is in power at both the Centre and the state level.

His last concrete point in convincing the people that BJP needs to remain in power is Narendra Modi’s success. All the drives done by Modi in order to create corruption free states and the surgical strikes are commendable according to Shah. He believes that only the states that are not under BJP, have existing scams and the solution to that is BJP’s return in the 2019 elections.

Shah’s reasoning is extremely strong and convincing. His message to the people and the cadre is quite clear. Not to forget his spearheading of the 2017 election campaigning gave BJP quite the success.


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