Amit Chavda
The New Party chief has a lot riding on his head

2019 Lok Sabha General Election promises to be an enthralling affair. The political party which looked inexorable and a force to reckon with got a couple of jolts which were good enough to give rise to a spellbinding debate about national party’s chances in the next general election. In the view of strengthening their reach to the grassroots level, Political parties are trying every possible measure out. Congress which has seemed to weaken by multiple bounds over the past couple of years made a critical announcement declaring the ‘young’ 42-year-old Amit Chavda as the new party chief for the state of Gujarat.

Chavda, who had met Congress president a few days back, thanked the party for giving him a chance to take on BJP in a state which the latter has established as its own fortress.

“I will help take forward the role assigned to me in helping the youth connect with the party. I will also help in strengthening the organisation in the state and raise public issues and concerns in a bid to resolve them. I will fight for the rights of people in Gujarat,” Mr Chavda, till now the chief whip of the party in Gujarat Assembly, told PTI.

The four times legislator replaced the veteran Bharatsinh Solanki, the move was taken in order to attract more and more young voters in the state ahead of the all-important Lok Sabha elections.

An engineer by profession, Chavda has been elected as a member of the legislative assembly for four times in a row. He currently represents Anklav Constituency in Anand District. He got elected as MLA in 2004 from Borsad district. Chavda has won the last two elections with a majority of over 30,000 votes which tell his reach among the masses.

Congress seems to be forming a formidable opposition in the state with the likes of Amit Chavda and Alpesh Thakore gaining prominence and youth leaders like Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani coming to the forefront and gaining support from the masses. The warning bell started ringing a couple of months back for BJP with the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election result as the Amit Shah led party was reduced to 2 figure mark in the state despite dominating the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha for about two decades.

It will be interesting to see how the aggressive and young duo of Rahul Gandhi and Chavda fare together and if they can spark a revival of party’s chances in the state to provide the party with a bright chance of dominating in Gujarat.





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