Gandhinagar: Congress leader Ahmed Patel after casting vote for the Rajya Sabha election at the Secretariat in Gandhinagar on Tuesdsay. PTI Photo (PTI8_8_2017_000110B)

Choice Congress CM candidate in Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections is appearing as a game of musical chairs to the common people as congress has not yet declared name of any candidate. Ahmed Patel is the most popular of all the congress leaders in Gujarat but he still is not the sure shot CM candidate in the state

It is not the first time that a political party has not revealed the name of their most prominent candidate in fact it has now became a common practice from the parties to not disclose any name before the elections.

However confusion enveloped locals when they saw posters that appealed Muslim voters to vote for Ahmed Patel to make him the chief minister.

The posters read “Muslims are requested to vote for Congress party to maintain unity of the community and make Ahmed Patel wazir-e-aalam (chief minister) of Gujarat”. rightly poster has created a flurry of controversies as it is directly asking for votes on the basis of religion.

Ahmed Patel called it a ‘dirty trick’ by BJP party to defame Congress. He tweeted “Fearing defeat, do they have to rely on such dirty tricks? I have never ever been a candidate for CM and will never, ever be”

He further said that the BJP is trying to divert the narrative from its performance to a divisive agenda.

“The moot issue is that BJP is trying very very hard to divert the narrative from its performance of last 22 years to a divisive agenda. Hence their reliance on lies & propaganda. But people of Gujarat have made up their mind this time” He said in another tweet.

The discussion of CM candidate is of not of much significance now but it is important to see all the politics behind the ‘poster’ incident. The second phase of voting is on 14th December and result will be declared on 18th December.


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