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AADHAR is the most fundamental identity an Indian citizen should have. Even the Aadhar says the same thing AADHAR“Right of Common man” and so each citizen is entitled to have one. Experts announced   introduction of AADHAR as a good move because it provides every citizen with an identity of its own irrespective of anything.

AADHAR though is not a proof of citizenship still has its own set of importance. As of date over 99% of Indians aged 18 or above have been enrolled in AADHAR. This figure goes to tell the wide domain of registration in AADHAR. The unique identification for each card holder is the biometric evaluation which stores fingerprint. This technology is used by AADHAR but sadly for people suffering from leprosy this evaluation fails because it works on fingerprint scanning.

This deprives Leprosy affected patients with a lot of important facilities that to be availed needs an AADHAR card. AADHAR itself means ‘foundation’ which tells the purpose behind this particular identity. With Government making linking of AADHAR with mobile numbers, PAN and bank accounts compulsory life will become even more difficult for those suffering with this disease.

According to Ministry of food and civil supplies 39% of all the ration shops in the country have started using biometric devices for distribution of Ration making it difficult for leprosy related patients to make the ends meet. They are denied many a services only because they do not have an AADHAR.

The way demand for AADHAR has increased government should look into the matter and ensure that it can provide an alternative to such sufferers. According to Leprosy Mission Trust India by April 2014, there were more than 86,000 leprosy affected patients. The number must have only increased after that, demanding a strict and immediate action by the government to safeguard the basic fundamentals they are deprived because of not having an AADHAR card.


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