Speaking at the News18 Rising India Summit in New Delhi, Prime minister Narendra Modi gave an account of his achievements while addressing an audience.

However, it was Modi’s usage of slideshows and video clips to get his point across which came out as the highlight of his speech on Friday.

Talking about the schemes introduced by his government, he said that there is a transformation happening in the country.

Additionally, he laid more emphasis on facts and figures instead of a rambling exercise in rhetoric.

Speaking about the tough decisions made by his government, he credited the people who placed their trust in the government which helped them in taking the big decisions. He took a dig at the previous governments by stating that the present government implemented old laws that had been passed decades ago.

In reference to the rural sanitation, he mentioned Swachh Bharat scheme which has resulted in the building of toilets in 6.5 crore households in four years against the same number in 67 years. He proudly stated that the Sanitation coverage has moved up from 39 percent in 2014 to 78 percent (present) while a six-fold rise in immunisation coverage has been recorded within that same time frame.

He emphasized on the issues related to healthcare and spoke about the need for the healthcare centres being affordable. He stated that 3,000 public health clinics have been started across the country since his party came to power.

He also highlighted the efforts to increase seats in PG and UG courses to address the acute shortage of doctors, reduction in prices of stents and knee implants, his government’s focus on improving the health of mother and kids.

The prime minister’s ability to “think big” and look for ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions was evident in the way he approaches a problem. In his words, these ambitious targets have been set and achievements made possible because his government has put an end to the lack of coordination in different departments so that they may function as a unit under the motto: “No Silos, Only Solutions.”

-with inputs from FirstPost


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