Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar took an indirect dig at RJD Chief, Lalu Prasad Yadav for allegedly being involved in corruption.

Speaking on the eve of 71st Independence Day, Kumar reminisced Mahatma Gandhi and said, “Bapu said, Mother Earth had enough resources to fulfill the needs of the people but not the greed of the people.”

“A person’s need can be fulfilled, but his greed cannot be fulfilled. It is important that people get rid of their greed” – he added.

Nitish has been vocal when it had come to speak against corruption in the recent times and emphasized on the fact that “shrouds had no pockets“.

Kumar also spoke about “fund transfer scam” in Bhagalpur and said it is greed which is compelling people to indulge in corruption and embezzle hundreds of crores of rupees of the State Government in favor of a private NGO.

He asserted that none of the culprits involved in the fund transfer scam will remain unpunished.

“I had exposed this scam when I came to know about it. Investigations are going on, and I am assured that all those responsible for this will not go unpunished who so ever they are – government or bank officials”, said Kumar.

He also added that his Government will be starting a campaign against child marriage and dowry from 2nd of October.

Nitish also hinted at a crackdown on sand mafia which was operating in the State and allegedly played a key role in the political funding of RJD.

Kumar defended his move to join hands with BJP and said – “I tolerated a lot, but I couldn’t tolerate corruption in RJD. I just couldn’t stay in the alliance with RJD any longer when raids started taking place,” Kumar concluded.


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