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A Dig at the “Padmavati” Controversy

  When was the last time you saw a lot of controversies related to a film? It must not be very long ago. Here in...

“Star” BJP leaders in Gujarat

  “Star” BJP politicians seems to have taken Sri. Amitabh bachchan’s words a bit too seriously.  I hope that you got what I am trying...

This CM bought 19 SUV’s together! Here is the reason why!

 We have are in 71st  year of our independence, We are one of the fastest developing countries, We are home to young energized minds...

Yogi for Gujarat Campaigning! But Why?

 BJP might have listed 35 of its member as star campaigners for upcoming Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections but among these names couple of names...

Delhi Smog Problem – What’s really happening

The days are such in Delhi that if you ask anyone from there “kya chal raha hai” either they would not reply in rage...



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