What does a matchstick amount to? We use it once and throw it away. However, not this Indonesian artist. The person uses the matchsticks in such an innovative way which certainly is a pleasure to your eyes.

Korekgraphy, that’s what this art is named as. The Indonesian word ‘Korek’ means ‘to light’ and the English word ‘graphy’ means ‘art,’ this artist is bringing exceptional art to the world. The speciality lies in imagining and presenting the matchsticks in human form with complete hand and feet. Then, placing the human form amidst completely known settings and ultimately capturing it in an image. The artist looks forward in spreading joy with his simple art form throughout the world.

“Together we feel the rain.”

“I look down on you, to help you up.”

“Home is where the heart lies.”

“The love of a family is the greatest blessing.”

“Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are.”

“Friends have always got your back.”

“You saved me in every way one person can save another.”

“Making mistakes is fine unless it hurts someone.”

“Let me show you the world.”

“Home is where our story begins.”

“We rise by lifting others.”

“Happiness is holding your hand, forever.”

“Every second spent with family is worth”

“Bravery is not defined by size.”

“Are we walking away never to look back?”

“To care for those who cared for us is the gratest honor.”

“Togather we can win the world.”



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