Parliament of India

16 years ago whole country was hit by a shock when a suicide squad of terrorists entered the Indian parliament and the attack was eventually called as a direct attack on Indian democracy. The terrorists were said to be backed by Intelligence agency ISI and they belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The attack on the Indian Parliament led to a total of 14 deaths which consisted of 5 terrorists, 6 Delhi Police personnel, two parliament security service personnel and a gardener. The attack was eventually called the attack on symbol of Indian Democracy. It led to increased tensions between India and Pakistan which resulted in 2001-2002 India Pakistan Standoff.  A similar attack was carried out on assembly of Srinagar in November 2001 where 38 people were killed.

The terrorists used a fake pass to enter the parliament and attacked the security guards. While one of the intruders blew himself up at the main entrance four other were killed by security personnel. Although the session was adjourned 40 minutes before the attack took place, 200 parliamentarians   were still inside including then Home Minister LK Advani and Minister of State for Defense Harin Pathak.

The terrorists carried AK 47 Rifles, grenade launchers, pistols and Grenades. The gunmen drove their car into car of then vice president Krishna Kant (who was fortunately not present in the car though) got out and begin shooting.

Today PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to those brave hearts who lost their lives to the attack on the Parliament.

PM Modi tweeted “We pay homage to those who laid down their lives protecting the temple of our democracy on 13th December 2001. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.”

The parliament attack came as a shock to every Indian that despite being one of the safest place in the country the security code was breached and such an attack was executed.



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