Every guy wants to join the Indian army but just because they don’t want to stay away from their parents they stop dreaming about it and change their dreams. I would say think about the ones who are already in Army, they are sacrificing their family & parents so that other Indians can stay safe. Army persons are most selfless persons in the world. They live their life to help others. I wish I could be an Army person but things didn’t favor me.

Below are some pictures by Marry in a Week which depicts some quotes famous Indian Army members. These 14 quotes by Indian Soldiers will expand your chest by 10 Inches.

Lt. Arun Kehtarpal PVC

Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey

Yes We Won’t

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Prem Ramchandani

You Must Be Kidding

Again, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Last Breath

Oficers Training Academy, Chennai

I Did My Best

Sleep Peacefully


Ladakh Leh Highway Sign Board

Captain Vikram Batra, PVC

What are your views on this? Have you ever thought of joining the army? Let us know in the Comments Section down below.


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